Monday, June 6, 2011

Well, I guess Im kinda slacking in the blog world!! I forget I even have one! I havent blogged since last year!

Lots of stuff has happened since then~ Dont think I will try and catch up maybe just go one from here!

Last weekend was our "102nd Strawberry Festival", Its always a big deal! The whole family goes together to the parade on Saturday. It was a great day for a parade our first warm day of the year so far it was like 87 degrees. Way too hot actually!

It was my sisters bday so we went to there house had a BBQ and strawberry shortcake! It was yummy! I made all the kids snow cones with Aidyns snow cone machine he got for his bday! They loved that!!

Then we all went to the carnival. Aidyn had a blast he rode all the kids rides several times and went on some big rides also. He went on the sizzler and I took him on the Merry Go Round! I forgot how high off the ground it was kinda freaked me out, but he was mesmerized that he could see the whole town from the top! It was a great weekend!

Sunday, Jon and I went to a motorcycle ride and to a movie! We went into the wrong theater. We thought it was a little strange that the movie had started, but just kinda shrugged it off. Then within about 35-40 min it was over and we were just looking at each other like...What did we miss. Needless to say they gave a free movie passes since we missed over half of the movie!! We had a nice ride though!

Well, I will try and post some pics and write more on here!!!

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